The Best Muscle Building Supplements

Best Muscle Building Supplements

Why do some people really like having a muscled body? What do you have to gain from building your body mass?

Sure it looks great, you become a head turner because your body is in a very great shape, you also have this hard rock abs that a lot of women seem to really like and a lot of people seems to be awed with you because you can carry really heavy lifts.

Are those really all there is in having a Johnny Bravo physique?

Well, of course not, there are actually a lot of other benefits, health benefits that you can get out of building up your muscle mass. First is, you have a tight grip or control of your weight.

Muscles mass is like an engine; it is a machine that burns calories so the bigger your muscle mass is, the more calories you are going to burn.

You also have increased strength and stamina which means you can do more things with ease and much longer because of the stamina you have. You will also be at low risk of having an injury because your stronger muscle mass is a good help to support your joints.

So there, I just gave you a few valid reasons why you should get off that chair or couch you are in and start building your muscle mass.

You can have that muscled body you want through strength training and with the help of muscle building supplements. And then this got me thinking, what are the best supplements to use to help build muscle mass fast? I have some Best Muscle Building Supplements for you.

Whey Protein Powder

This is a very effective supplement which will help you because this product is very crucial when it comes to pushing protein synthesis. This is a milk protein that has a high level of the essential amino acids.

This protein powder digests fast and can rapidly reach to the muscles so it helps builds up the muscle mass fast. The Whey Protein Powder also contains peptides which are small proteins that help in increasing the blood flow going to the muscles.

That is also the reason why consuming protein immediately after a training or workout can actually be a big help.

You can take twenty grams of this protein powder about thirty minutes before you train and then another forty grams within an hour or sixty minutes after your training.

You might also want to consider taking about twenty to forty grams of this immediately after waking up in the morning, this is to jumpstart your muscles growth.


Maybe one of the reasons why this is a good muscle building supplement is because it is made from three amino acids namely the methionine, glycine and the arginine.

Reports have shown that guys who take creatine gain about ten pounds or even more body weight and have a dramatic increase in strength.

This product works in more ways than one, it can increase the amount of the fast energy that your muscles need for it to perform well in the training.

Creatine can also draw water into your muscle cells which then place a stretch in the cell that also increases in long term growth.

Just recently, creatine was also found to be very effective in increasing the levels of insulin in the muscles, insulin are very important in stimulating the growth of the muscles.

You can take two to five grams of creatine in different forms together with your protein shake after having a workout; you can use creatine maleate, creatine monohydrate, creatine ethyl ester or other forms of creatine that is now available in the market today.

By doing this, it will help you keep your muscles saturated with the creatine so that it can produce the rapid or the fast energy that is need to keep on performing.

Then you can have another two to five grams of this with your protein shake after you have your workout so that it will prompt further muscle mass formation.

During the days when you are not going to have a training or workout, take two to five grams of creatine with your breakfast that contains carbohydrates.


This product works by using the male hormone which is the testosterone or the androgen. You can be sure that this product is safe to use because all of the ingredients that have been used to make this product is all natural and has been chosen carefully to make sure that the users feel the benefits of the testosterone in a fast way.

But this product does not contain the actual testosterone hormone. It rather works by helping or aiding the body for it to release its own testosterone.

Isn’t that much better and safer than using a synthetic testosterone in the form of a steroid? Sometimes our body also needs some help for it to produce enough amount of testosterone.

If you are having a normal lifestyles, you androgen levels may be just fine but if you aiming and is working hard to have that Johnny Bravo physique, then you might have to step up in your game.


Natural Ingredients You can Trust

TestoFuel contain carefully selected nutrients which have been found to really help the body release more levels of testosterone.

The more the testosterone, the more and the faster your muscles grow, the more rapid they become bigger and the more energy you are going to have.

What are these ingredients I have been talking about for a little while now? Well these are oyster extract which is very important when it comes to increasing testosterone, Vitamin D which is a very essential nutrient, D-aspartic acid, an amino acid which plays a vital role in the production of this male hormone, the herbs Ginseng and Fenugreek, and the essential nutrients magnesium and Vitamin B6.

See? I was not kidding when told you that the ingredients are all natural. Nothing works better to our body than natural supplements because they are safe to use and are very effective.


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