Low T – Is There a Cure?

Low T – Is There a Cure?

Low T – Is There a Cure?

Are you getting pissed off because you can’t perform like a man should? After so many trials still you can’t do it? Are you getting tired and don’t know the reason why? Studies have shown that if you are experiencing too much fatigue, decreased libido, sexual dysfunction, and decrease in body mass maybe you have low levels of testosterone.

You don’t have to worry much because there is cure to that. What you need to do is to consult a doctor and learn more about low levels of testosterone, have some blood testing and see if really you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone.

Once you have been diagnosed to have low levels of testosterone, the doctor will prescribe some medications and/or therapy that will suit you. There are lots of treatments that will cure such case so there is still hope for you.

Testosterone Replacement Treatment

Testosterone replacement treatment is the key in increasing your testosterone level until it goes into normal level. The normality of testosterone depends on your age and the symptoms that you are experiencing. This treatment boosts masculinity such as increasing your muscle mass, deepening your voice, and hastens the growth of pubic and facial hair. It helps symptoms of testosterone to get away. It will also increase sex drive. Through testosterone replacement treatment you will have stronger and better erections. It will also boost your energy and will decrease your depression.

If you don’t have low level of testosterone, you should not take testosterone replacement by yourself just to enhance your sexual or athletic performance. It is not recommended by doctors. You can only take the treatment if you have been diagnosed by the doctor and with proper prescription and guidance.

Is It Injectable?

Testosterone replacement treatment has many forms. You can take it in gel form, injections, transdermal patches, tablets, or pellets. Each of these forms of testosterone replacement treatment is effective. However, it also has its advantages and disadvantages.

Testosterone Replacement Gels

This is the easiest testosterone therapy to administer. There are also two preparations, the AndroGel and Testim. It is applied on the skin of your arms or shoulders same time every day. This form of testosterone replacement treatment might irritate those with sensitive skins and the medication might accidentally rub off to anyone else. If you use this treatment, you should isolate yourself from crowded places. This is also expensive.

Testosterone Replacement Injections

There are two types of testosterone used in injection. These are testosterone cypionate (Depo-testosterone) and testosterone enanthate (Delatestryl). The benefit of having injections as treatment is you will take it once every one to two weeks. However, it is very expensive. The disadvantage is that testosterone level may be hard to control. It will be too high after injection and will be too low just before the next injection.

Transdermal Patches

This is called Androderm and is applied on the not most hairy part of your body each night. Let it leave for 24 hours. Be sure to apply it on different spots each night. This kind of treatment can also cause skin irritation.


This tablet is placed under your upper lip and should be replaced every 12 hours. This tablet is called Striant. Don’t chew or swallow the tablet. The disadvantages of this product are irritation on gums, toothache, and bitter taste.


These are placed under the skin near the hip by a doctor during a surgical procedure. You cannot do this on your own. You need a doctor to do this.

In having treatments for low level of testosterone, be sure to be guided properly by a physician. There will be complications if you did not follow the right prescriptions. Your life might be at stake if you don’t follow instructions. You can also try Testofuel booster if you have low level of testosterone.