How Will You Know That You Have Low T Symptoms?

How Will You Know That You Have Low T Symptoms?

How Will You Know That You Have Low T Symptoms?

Men in its nature value sex drive the most. It becomes a measure of their masculinity. Sex life is important to most men especially those who are already married. It is vital for them to have their relationship with their wives stronger. Some relationships usually have problems if the sex lives of the couples are not good. If the sex drive is not functional, having children will be a problem to married couples.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone found in men and also on women. Men produce it more because it is essential to their health. Testosterone is commonly associated to sex drive and is important in sperm production. Moreover, it also influences bone and muscle mass, fat distribution, and red blood cell production.

Testosterone helps build a man’s muscles, deepens his voice, and increases the size of his penis and testes. It maintains a man’s muscles and bones strong and keeps his interest in sex. This makes a man a real man as most people say. So, if a man has low testosterone level this is a major problem.

Testosterone levels are high during puberty stages and early adulthood so this is usually not a problem to men because low in testosterone level is not yet evident in these stages. Symptoms and effects usually happen by age 30 or so. At this age, if a man is not healthy testosterone level starts to drop off.

According to studies, life of most men starts at 40 years old. This is when they enjoy life the most. What will happen if their testosterone level is low? They will definitely not like it, more so enjoy it. So as early as possible, men should have a healthy lifestyle and check if they already have symptoms of low testosterone level.

Signs and Symptoms

Signs of low testosterone are often not obvious. To some it is said to be as a natural part of aging, but it is a misconception. If the testosterone level decreases more as it supposed to be it is not anymore part of aging. If this happens men can experience a lot of symptoms that will definitely affect his life.

Hair Loss

Loss of hair is not just a problem of women, it can also happen to men. Balding is a natural part of aging to some men. This happens to some because of heredity or wrong choice of shampoo. On the other hand, men with low T may not just experience loss of hair in the head but also body and facial hair since testosterone plays a role in hair production.

Loss of Muscle Mass

A man usually aims to have strong muscles and goes to gym or exercise to achieve that. To some point, this will be hard to accomplish if a man has low T since testosterone helps in building and strengthening muscles. Men with low T will decrease muscle mass and strength, especially in areas that are usually used such as arms, legs, and chest.

Low Semen Quantity

Semen is a fluid that aids in the motility of sperms. The more testosterone a man has, the more semen he produces. Testosterone plays a role in production of semen. So, if a man has low T he will observe a decrease in the volume of his sperm during ejaculation.


Testosterone mainly can’t cause an erection to happen, but it stimulates the brain to produce nitric oxide that prompts an erection. It stimulates sex drive and it helps in achieving erection. Low T can cause erectile dysfunction.

Sex Drive

As a man age, usually sex drive decreases. However, men with low testosterone level will also decrease its sex drive. Because testosterone is important in a man’s desire to have sex, men with low T will experience this difficulty. During sex, it may also be observe that a man will find it hard to attain orgasm if he has low levels of testosterone. If this happens, men’s partner will not be satisfied and may cause conflict to couples.

Always Tired

Too much work can really cause tiredness and stress. However, even if a man has enough sleep and rest if he has low level of testosterone, he will experience so much fatigue and decrease of energy levels. Usually men with low level of testosterone will experience tiredness even he doesn’t have job or any work.If this symptoms happens, then probably a man is experiencing symptoms of low testosterone.

Bone Mass

Osteoporosis causes bones to become weak and brittle. It occurs when the creation of new bone doesn’t keep up with the removal of old bone. Osteoporosis comes with aging to most women. Men may also experience this not just because of aging but also because of low levels of testosterone. Testosterone aids in the production and strengthening of bones that is why men with low T may experience weakening of bones and they are prone to osteoporosis.

Mood Changes

As people reach puberty stage, hormones in the body causes a person to change mood. Mood is an emotional state. It differs depending on the triggering factor. It may be intense or less intense. Basically, people will be in a bad or good mood basing on the events or situations happening around.

Women usually experience this during menstrual cycles and intensely during menopausal stages. Men also experience this if they are in their andropause stage. If a man’s testosterone level is low, he will also experience mood swings. Testosterone is in charge of many roles in a man’s body so if it is low, men’s mood would likely to change. They tend to be irritable, depressed, and lack focus. It’s like feeling old even if you are not. It adds to the irritation of most men if they have low T symptoms.

If any of these symptoms is happening to you, you may consult a doctor. You can also try some medicines that will help you solve it like TestoFuel. You may also try some natural ways to get away with it. Don’t ignore if the symptoms are evident. It is better to cure it in its early stages than to discover it in its severe stage.