Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels Testosterone is a very important hormone for both males and females but is plays a more important role in the lives of men because testosterone is what makes them a man physically.

This is the hormone that is responsible for stimulating the development of the male sexual and reproductive parts when they hit the age of puberty. It is what’s responsible for the deepening of their voice and for defining the muscle in their body.

Another reason why testosterone is so important is because, in a way, it is responsible for human procreation. Without it, the men will not be able to produce healthy and motile sperm cells. An imbalance in the level of testosterone can be a bad thing for both men for women, although it is more devastating to males.

If a man has a low level of this so called male hormone, then they could lose a lot of bone density, muscle mass and their sex drive. There are also research which shows that having a low testosterone level can increase your risk of having heart diseases and prostate cancer.

It is a good thing that there are now a lot of ways discovered to help increase the level of testosterone in men. What are these ways that I am talking about? You don’t need the help of synthetic drugs, the natural way is and will always be the best way.

Know natural ways to increase testosterone levels, how you can help increase the testosterone level in your body with the following Tips:

Weight Loss

Do you know that as the size of your weight increases, the testosterone level in your body starts to decline?

As a matter of fact, having a four point increase in a person’s body mass index, like about an extra of thirty pounds on a guy who has a height of 5’10”, can accelerate the age related decline of testosterone by ten long years. So guys, you might want to start hitting the gym your workout because of this!

In the process of losing weight, you have to limit the amount of processed sugar you include in your diet since the fructose is one of the primary driving factors of being obese.

This is why as hard as it might be, you have to cut off soda, fruit juices and artificial sweeteners in your diet and you have limit your fructose consumption in one day to less than twenty five grams per day.

As you cut off the foods that are causing trouble in your diet, you have to replace them with a healthy substitute like vegetables and fruits.

Lift Some Weights

There are researches which show that men who are lifting weights are regularly experiencing a boost on their testosterone level to about forty nine percent. If you are going to strengthen your muscles, the amount of testosterone that your body is producing will also be increased.

And what’s even better is you don’t need to lift weight every day, you only need to this twice a week for you to see the benefits.

The best way to do your weight training is by going slow since by slowing down your exercise movements, you are actually turning your training into a high intensity exercise.

Cut Back or Completely Avoid Alcohol

I know sometimes you feel that alcohol is your only companion in the world; as though it’s the only thing that can help you get through the night and forget all of the problems the world has caused you. But the truth is, if you drink more often, your best friend alcohol will give you an even more serious problem.

Alcohol can cause a wreaking havoc to the male hormones. There was a recent study that was done on this and it was found out that males who drink moderate amounts of alcohol on a daily basis for only about three weeks will experience a seven percent decrease in their testosterone levels.

You may need to limit your drinking to just one or two glasses of wine or beer every night to avoid having a decreased testosterone levels.

Have More Healthy Fats

Cutting back lard from your diets might help you stay lean but completely eliminating fat in your diet can in fact cause a decrease in your testosterone level. There was a study done which shows that men who consume the most of the healthy fat also have the highest level of testosterone.

By healthy, this means that not only the fats that are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, like the kind of fat that are found in nuts and avocados, but also the saturated ones because it turns out that these are essential in helping build up your testosterone.

According to experts, the ideal diet should include about fifty to seventy percent of fat. You should understand that our body requires the help saturated fats from animal and vegetable sources for our body to be able to function at its best.

Reduce Your Stress level

The state of your body and your mental health would definitely have an effect to the level of testosterone you have in the body.

When you are under so much stress and when you’re feeling burnt out, this will cause the body to experience what we call a cortisol surge and this cortisol will suppress the ability of the body to make testosterone and for it to be utilized in the tissue, this will also block the effects of testosterone.

If you are having some injuries and feeling fatigued because of working out, this might be a sign that you are doing it too much. Relaxing and sparing some time to relax is really good to physical, mental and emotional health.

Take effective supplements

There are also supplements that can help you increase the level of your testosterone in a natural way. One of these supplements is the TestoFuel, this is a relatively effective supplement made from natural ingredients which is safe and effective to the body.

This does not add testosterone levels to your body but rather stimulates your body to stimulate more of this hormone to increase its levels.


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