What is the Normal Level of Testosterone?

Normal Level of Testosterone

Before we get to the topic of what is the normal level of testosterone, let us first get to know what this testosterone is and why you should care if you don’t have the normal level of it in your body.

You would not know the importance of something unless you know what important matters that thing takes care for you.

So what is this testosterone or androgen that we are going to talk about? During our science class, our teacher often refers to testosterone as the male hormone, of course the females have their very own hormones and as a matter of fact they have two, the estrogen and progesterone.

Alright, let’s get back to testosterone. This is a male sex hormone that is produced but the male reproductive part, the testes. Now why is this hormone very important to the live of males, may it be young or mature males?

It is because this hormone is that one that stimulates the development of the male sexual characteristics. When a boy reaches the puberty stage, the testosterone is what helps him to build up his body, especially those muscles.

It is what causes the deepening of the voice and the formation of the Adam’s apple and it is what helps boost the size of his male reproductive parts.

Peak of Testosterone Level

When the man reaches the stage or age of adulthood, this hormone helps to keep his bone and muscle strong and it is what helps maintain his sex drive. Well, basically, the testosterone is what turns a boy into a man but this hormone’s powers can only do that physically.

A person’s testosterone level is at its peak during the stages of adolescence and adulthood. The first sign of testosterone in the body can be seen during puberty and the levels of it seems to decline to about one percent every year after the age of thirty as the men starts to get older.

Now you may already have the idea as to why this testosterone hormone is very important and why its levels in the body should be at a normal range.

Does testosterone affect women? It is the male hormone, right? Shouldn’t it already be contented turning boys into men and to making their lives active and happy?

Androgen or testosterone can actually affect women and although it is referred to as the male hormone, it is not exclusive to men. Women have testosterone too and the normal levels of it in women are 15 to 70 nanograms/deciliter.

If their testosterone levels become higher or are more than that, you will instantly know because excess androgen causes some physical symptoms. Ever wonder why there are some women who have more facial hair than some men?

Well, they should blame their high testosterone level. Other physical symptoms it causes are infertility, acne and the loss of scalp hair. On the other hand, low levels of testosterone deficiency in women has less obvious effects on their body, however it can affect their sexual desire, mood and satisfaction.

Let us now discuss what horrors can a low or high levels of testosterone can do to average male specie. The average male should have 270-1070 nanograms per deciliter of testosterone in their body; the average level is at 679 ng/dL.

If you are wondering how they test people to know the level of their hormones, this is by drawing blood sample from their vein, the perfect timing to draw blood to test a testosterone level is between seven to ten in the morning and another sample will be required of you to confirm if you really do have a low level of testosterone.

High Level of Testosterone in Men

Having a higher than normal level of androgen can actually have both benefits and drawbacks. The benefits are having a normal level of blood pressure and it will also lower your risk of being obese or of having a heart attack.

There were studies which claim that if men have a higher level of testosterone in their body, they are more likely to enjoy participating in activities that are dangerous and they are more likely to succumb to risk taking behaviors, may it be sexual, risk of injury and even criminal activities.

The problems of having high levels of testosterone are actually rare and are unusual in middle aged and older men. When the level of this hormone goes out of balance, it usually goes the other direction, it becomes too low than too high.

Low Level of Testosterone in Men

Having a low level of testosterone is more common than having a too high level which is too bad because the effects it has to the male body is not really good. Why does this happen?

The level of the male testosterone is actually at peak when they are about at the age of twenty and then it slowly begins to decrease as their age increases.

Experts suggest that there is a one percent decrease to the androgen level every years as the men reach their middle age year, which is the ages between thirty to fifty years old and in the older males.

This decrease may be that significant because it usually is not that noticeable but this also varies in men. Some of the experiences some significant changes when they ready their middle age years but it is more common when they reach the age of sixty and older.

The drop in the male testosterone level is often referred to as Hypogonadism, andropause or the male menopause and this will cause them to have a decline in their physical energy, stamina and strength.

They may also have a decreased mental aggressiveness and may experience more pains or aching of the bones and joints and a decreased libido and an erectile dysfunction.

Boosting Your Testosterone Level

Some doctors may require you to have a treatment since there are a lot of different kinds of testosterone replacement therapy available in the market today.

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