Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in MenTestosterone is a male hormone that is responsible for the deep voice, chest hair, and other male characteristics. It is also the force behind his sex drive. Testosterone plays a vital role in a male’s body starting at puberty.

Testosterone helps build a man’s muscles, deepens his voice, and boosts the size of his penis and testes. During adulthood, testosterone keeps a man’s muscles and bones strong and maintains his interest in sex. It what makes a man a “real man” physically.

However, as a man age, its testosterone level starts to decline. If this happens, it will have a great effect to a man physically and socio-emotionally. Having low levels of testosterone is a serious matter that needs to be addressed well to avoid greater damage. According to research, men who have low levels of testosterone can be prone to many serious illnesses like diabetes, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease.

There are many symptoms for you to check if you are a candidate for people with low levels of testosterone. Below are indicators for you to be able to know if you will consult a doctor or not.

Low Sex Drive

As a married man, it is an obligation that you and your wife should have wonderful and exciting sex life. This can only be achieved if you have enough testosterone in your body. Testosterone fuels a man’s sex drive. So if a man has low T, he is likely to become less interested in sex. And for some instance, he doesn’t want to have sex anymore.

Erectile Dysfunction

Nitric oxide is responsible for erections. This can only happen if testosterone triggers the release. If you have low T erection would be impossible or they are not firm enough for intercourse.

Orgasm Trouble

Orgasm is the excitement feeling where there is a sudden discharge of accumulated sexual excitement during the sexual activity. You will have a problem achieving this if you have low levels of testosterone.

Low Fluid Level

Ejaculation is the action of ejecting semen from the body. The normal ejulatory volume for a man is 1.5 to 5 cubic centimeters. Three parts of a man’s body work together to produce a sperm-containing fluid that’s released when he ejaculates. It’s the prostate, seminal vesicles, and the testicles. All of these parts needs a good supply of testosterone to produce the normal volume. A man with declining testosterone may notice a sharp decrease in his volume.

Genital Numbness

To some extent, male with low testosterone level may experience a numb feeling of the penis or scrotom.  You may notice this easily because a touch of it will make you feel electrified or there is a certain spark that makes sex pleasurable. If you have low T, you will not feel anything.


Everyone feels tired even women but there is a certain tiredness that feels like draining to men. Although there is no physical activity, men with low T may experience an extreme fatigue that it feels like all organs are not functioning.

Decreased Energy

Aside from being fatigue, men with low T often don’t have energy. They lose their motivation and initiative to work. You will see them always in a couch or sofa staring blankly.

Mood Problems

If a man has low T, there will be changes in his mood. More often he will sad or pessimistic about everything. He may also get irritated easily.

Reduced Muscle Mass and Body Fats

If men have low T, he will experience less strength unlike before. It seems though they don’t have enough strength. They will also develop body fats gradually.

There are still lots of symptoms that are not recorded but still if you feel any of these or most of these symptoms, consult your doctor right away.


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