Testofuel VS P6 extreme: Which Works Better?

Cellucor P6Testofuel VS Cellucor P6 extreme

Burning calories and shaping up has been the passion of many. It may be for keeping up with your health, losing the fats you accumulated over the holidays, a pass time, curiosity with muscle building, or you just want to look better. Men work out intensely to achieve high yield muscle growth. It was long accepted that proper diet and exercise are enough.

Science has yet again made a breakthrough. It has been found out that testosterone plays a big part in building muscle and there is a way to increase its level. We are not talking about steroids that are quite expensive and carry a whole lot of risks.

Testosterone boosters such as Testofuel and P6 are now available in the market. They are not the actual testosterone capsules. These are food supplements that help your body in opening your testosterone spillways.

Let’s have a closer look at both products.

Testofuel Benefits

Testofuel boosts your testosterone level safely with its natural ingredients. It also reduces the need of a handful inefficient supplements and still giving the muscle size and strength you need.

Testofuel also helps in burning body fat as well as on your stomach. Increasing your testosterone level, it helps in improving your mood, pushing your further with your goals. While at all these benefits, Testofuel also promotes libido, which is a great add on.

P6 Benefits

Cellucor’s P6 Extreme is also a food supplement that increases your testosterone. It intends to aide in altering the conditions for natural testosterone production. P6 Extreme helps you increase your strength, energy levels and libido while giving you lean muscle mass. P6 also inhibit estrogen formation and reduces DHT conversion.

Comparison in Benefits

If you look closer with the benefits presented by both products, they have similar effect as they improve your testosterone production. One thing that stands out is that, Testofuel only helps in increasing your testosterone level.

P6 does the same but it also inhibits estrogen production and reduces DHT conversion which are a natural processes of the human body.

Testofuel Key Components

  • D-aspartic Acid (DAA) is an amino acid that has a significant role in sperm cell and sex hormone production.
  • Vitamin D latest research suggests that deficiency in vitamin D significantly lowers testosterone levels.
  • Oyseter Extract gives higher amount of Zinc which is essential in maintaining healthy testosterone levels.
  • Ginseng is an herb when taken regularly increases sex hormones that increase testosterone levels and stimulate cell growth.
  • Fenugreek is an herb and a spice that helps enhance male libido and stabilize testosterone levels. It is also known for its anti-diabetic properties.
  • Magnesium has been found to increase amounts of free testosterone in blood, encouraging healthy muscle relaxation.
  • Vitamin B6 helps in different functions in your body. It helps in the production and the regulation of testosterone.

P6 Key Components

  • Ovine Placenta Powder helps in naturally fight HCG.
  • Zinc is a mineral that supports libido and testosterone production.
  • D-aspartic Acid (DAA) is an amino acid that has a significant role in sperm cell and sex hormone production.
  • Andrographis pniculata (andrographolids) a study has showed that using 20-1000mg/kg of Andrographis Pniculata (10.9% Andrograholide) everyday in 60 days did not show any significant effect on testosterone levels.
  • Tribulus Terrestris is a plant which has an extract claimed to increase natural testosterone levels in the body.
  • Stinging Nettle Root Extract contains 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran that occupies sex-hormone binding globulin, increasing free testosterone.
  • Black Cohosh compounds have indicated an estrogen inhibition effects in some studies.
  • Beta-Sitosterol is also a component of anabolic steroids commonly abused in sports.
  • Mucuna Pruriensis Seed extract supplementation improves reproductive health and increase dopamine and testosterone production.

Ingredients Contrast

Testofuel has presented components which are mostly vitamins and minerals. They are chosen carefully and had specific benefits. Most of its major components are widely accepted as testosterone boosters.

On the other hand, P6 had presented on its label extracts from plants. Some of these plants are known to have appalling effect on humans. One example is the stinging nettle which gives a sting on human skin when in contact with its leaf extract.

Some of its key ingredients are also presenting risks. For example Beta-Sitosterol has been known as a component of anabolic steroids.

The Subsequent

Testofuel gives results within weeks. As you can see, Testofuel has focused effects on testosterone boost only. With its safe components, natural increase in testosterone that keeps you risk free. Your body will be dealing with heightened testosterone levels solely and will not have multiple reactions on changes.

With its selected components, only testosterone will be increased aiding in protein synthesis. It will give your body more protein to consume in muscle building.

For the time being, no side effects were reported from the use of this product. Only consumers who have allergies on seafood must avoid taking Testofuel as to avoid allergic reactions.

P6 has presented its 3-in-1 formula that has combined testosterone natural production, inhibition of estrogen formation and minimizing DHT conversion. In this formula, your body will have to react on three changes in your body chemistry.

Studies have shown that natural lowering of estrogen during adulthood gives the risk of Osteoporosis Type I. Estrogen also helps in preventing Coronary Heart Disease. Inhibition of estrogen may put you at risk.

Since P6 is using extracts of plants, some of its components may not be useful in the production of testosterone. Andrographis pniculata (andrographolids) for example shows on studies that it is unessential.

If the product has a lot of unneeded components, they will only be filtered by our kidneys and flushed out with our urine. With that a person not hydrating regularly may be at risk of kidney problems.

Body building needs a lot of effort. If you decide to take any of these supplements you should include regular exercise and proper food intake. This is to make sure that your body will absorb and adopt with its system change.

Like taking energy drinks, if you don’t sweat it out, the supplement will render useless and will be excreted or worse, it would change your body chemistry and have adverse effects.

Before you taking food supplements, you must have in-depth review of its key components and all of its possible effects. After all, health is not how you see yourself in the mirror but how you feel inside.


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