Testosterone Booster Reviews: comparison of 5 highly rated testosterone products

Testosterone Booster Reviews: comparison of 5 highly rated testosterone products

Testosterone Booster Reviews

A lot of testosterone boosters have flooded the body building community. Each has its own sets of key components. Uniquely formulated in their own way, they create identities through their benefits and side effects.

Smart buying keeps a consumer away from risk and save money for that matter. One should have a deeper understanding of the product he wishes to buy. Before deciding, one should first compare every available product on the market.

Every person has his own criteria on what factors to consider in choosing the suitable product for his goals.

Testosterone boosters are actually food supplements that trigger testosterone production. It doesn’t give the testosterone itself. Many find these safer than the pre used steroids which had risk issues.

Here are some testosterone booster reviews of highly rated testosterone products available in the market today:

  1. Anabolic Freak 320

Anabolic Freak 320 is a testosterone booster that promises increased muscle growth naturally through D-Aspartic Acid (DAA). It also increases the anabolic state, a process of metabolism promoting muscle growth and prolongs it as long as possible.

It also controls estrogen and cortisol. Anabolic Freak increases your strength and libido through its key components.

Vital Components:

Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, D-aspartic acid, and Resveratrol

Positive and Negative Areas

With Anabolic Freak 320, testosterone is boosted greatly. It helps in building up luteinizing hormones. Anabolic Freak 320 has proved itself effective. Consumers have increased muscle growth at an exceptional rate.

On the other hand, Anabolic Freak affects estrogen production; consumers are at risk with Osteoporosis Type I and Coronary Heart disease. Increasing cortisol may suppress the immune response of the body putting you at risk to infections.

Reports also showed side effects such as intermittent headaches, trouble in sleeping, mood swings and diarrhea.

Overall View


Anabolic Freak has a great combination of ingredients. Its effectiveness in muscle growth and development is quite outstanding. Regrettably Anabolic Freak had side effects that were mentioned above which you can’t quite ignore.

  1. Isa-Test by iSatori

Isa-test is a testosterone booster that naturally increases your testosterone levels to pride the help you need in building muscle and boosting your energy. In a matter of weeks, results will show as the body absorbs the nutrients provided by the product.

Vital Components:

Isa-Test basically has Vitamin B6, Magnesium, and Zinc as its primary components. These nutrients are responsible in triggering the production of testosterone in your body.

Positive and Negative Areas

Isa-Test showed decent results in muscle growth, increase in strength and increased libido. It also helped in reducing estrogen that helps in production of body fat and water retention.

Despite the results, Isa-Test showed less overwhelming results and its effect was still to show in a few weeks of consumption. It had estrogen blockers which put a consumer at risk to Osteoporosis Type I and Coronary Heart disease. Less water retention may also be expected.

Overall View


Isa-Test is a decent testosterone booster that helps increasing strength, have more energy and libido, yet the effects are to be expected in a few weeks. It also presents a few risks since it affects more than one normal body function.

  1. P6 Extreme

Cellucor’s P6 Extreme is also a food supplement that increases your testosterone. It helps you increase your strength, helps in muscle growth and boosts your energy levels while adding up with your libido. P6 also inhibit estrogen formation and reduces dihydrotestosterone (DHT) conversion.

Vital Components:

P6 extreme has included Ovine Placenta Powder, Zinc, D-aspartic Acid (DAA), Andrographis paniculata, Tribulus Terrestris extract, Stinging Nettle Root Extract, black cohosh, Beta-Sitosterol and Mucuna Pruriensis Seed extract.

Positive and Negative Areas

P6 has presented its 3-in-1 formula that has combined testosterone natural production, inhibition of estrogen formation and minimizing DHT conversion. These benefits all help in the increase of muscle growth, keeping them lean but your body will have to deal with multiple alterations of your body chemistry.

Insufficient estrogen may lead to Osteoporosis Type I, Coronary Heart Disease and may also decrease water retention.

Overall View


P6 Extreme has a natural way of increasing testosterone levels which presented great results in muscle growth. It keeps you lean as it helps in the burning of body fat. One should only be cautious with the possible effects of reduction in estrogen and the minimizing of DHT conversion.

  1. Animal Stak by Universal Nutrition

Unlike most of the testosterone boosters available that focuses only on a single aspect in enhancing performance and muscle gain, Animal Stak has 3 roles in enhancement. These are Free Testosterone and Total Testosterone Ratio regulation and estrogen and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) balance.

Vital Components:

Longjack extract, Tribulus extract complex, Arginine Ketoisocaproate, Mucuna Pruriens extract and Avena Sativa extract.

Positive and Negative Areas


Increases strength, boosts muscle density, increases energy, less fatigue and costs less.


Causes irritability, you need to take a lot of pills for it to be effective, possible aggression and acne breakouts.

Overall View


Animal Stak has made a great reputation in boosting testosterone. It has produced great results on consumers and it costs less. But consumers must keep in mind that exercise and work out is still a vital part in muscle growth.

  1. Testofuel

Testofuel boosts your testosterone levels safely with its natural ingredients. With its carefully selected key components, it has showed great results in increasing muscle size and giving you the energy you need. It also burns fat, improves your mood and promotes libido. Testofuel has focused its benefits in testosterone boosting.

Vital Components:

Testofuel has combined D-aspartic Acid (DAA), Vitamin D, Oyster Extract, Ginseng, Fenugreek, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6 to stimulate your body in producing testosterone naturally.

Positive and Negative Areas

As of today, Testofuel has yet to receive reports of side effects. It has shown positive growth and is said to be very effective even in non-athletic consumers.

Testofuel can only be bought from the manufacturers which secure the product credibility but others may find this a difficulty. It is also a bit more expensive than its competitors. Consumers that have allergies in seafood may also need to reconsider as to the Oyster extract in its key ingredients.

Overall View


Testofuel has presented impressive results in muscle growth and increase of strength. It also offers lesser risk compared to its competitors. Its availability has been controlled to safe keep the quality as to fake supplements are very rampant. Consumers allergic to Oyster should avoid this product.

Health and good looks have been the passion of many. The food supplement industry is trying is best to keep their products at the highest efficiency and risks as close to zero. Still the perfect product remains elusive.

With what the market has to offer, one must weigh which product suits his goals. One should also be careful with the effects of these products in his health. Looking good is great, but it will render useless if your health is at great risk.


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