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Why testofuel is the only testosterone booster that guarantees results.


Testofuel is an amazing muscle building supplement that has been made with a very focused aim it works at helping your body increase its testosterone level. All testosterone booster reviews indicate that testofuel is thoroughly researched thus it guarantees results as it has one clear purpose.

Testosterone general role is to develop male reproductive tissues such as testis and prostate but also of importance is to promote secondary sexual characteristics like muscle, bone mass and growth of body hair.

Testofuel does not contain testosterone, it rather has important nutrients which increase testosterone release in your body.

Why testofuel works

Increasing your testosterone levels will finally ensure you are pilling the muscles that you so much yearn for. Testosterone helps the release of growth hormone too which is important for growth of the coveted muscles.

Growth hormones is a protein based peptine hormone that stimulates growth, cell production and regeneration in humans. Testosterone binds to androgen receptors in the muscle cells thus stimulating protein synthesis and causing muscle growth.

It enhances faster protein synthesis. It really doesn’t matter how much protein you take in if it doesn’t translate to muscles. Muscles need amino acids two build new fibers and that’s the role of proteins.

The more protein your body uses the faster you can develop the muscles.Testosterone is important for faster protein synthesis.


Natural ingredients in testofuel that guarantee increased production of testosterone

Oyster Extract

An importance source of zinc as it contains a lot of it .Zinc is important for healthy testosterone levels. Lack of zinc can result to lower testosterone levels, impotence, low sperm count and an increase in estrogen receptors. Large estrogen levels in men cause growth of breast in men.

Apart from zinc, oysters contain 59 trace elements that are essential to your body, which include vitamins, amino-acids, taurine, omega 3 and 6 fish oils together with zinc’s co factors as well as manganeseand copper in a natural balanced form.

These are important because taking zinc on its own can lead to an imbalance of these elements that are essential for body growth. Lack of zinc causes an imbalance of hormones leading to lack of muscle and weight gain which is the sole purpose of men training.

Your progressive protein synthesis ensures you have the muscles. Zinc is needed for rebozyme (RNA) reaction. RNA is a well known molecule, which is capable of accerelating certain biochemical reactions similar to action taken by protein enzymes.

The importance of oysters cannot be understated it helps you;

  • boost your body testosterone levels naturally.
  • Keeps your estrogen levels low thus preventing you from developing secondary female features.
  • Ensure more of the protein consumed is used to develop muscles.
  • Decreases your chances of overtraining thus having negative effects on your muscle development.

Vitamin D

Normally produced by exposure to sunlight. So if you live in places where sunlight is deficient you may not have enough of it.

Vitamin D in recent studies has been shown to affect levels of testosterone, oestradol and luteinizing hormone which can lead to lower sperm count and reduction and absence of hormone secretion or other physiological activity. Sexual health directly affects testosterone production.

D-aspartic acid (DAA)

DAA is a non-essential amino acid concerned with building blocks of proteins. Studies show that it boosted testosterone and luteinizing hormone release in 12 days if consumed.DAA plays a role in regulation of the release and synthesis of LH and testosterone in humans. It supports testosterone levels in the blood and causes a production of more.

Ginseng herb

It also increases the body’s production of testosterone in case its taken regulary. It also increases the production of sex hormones that are commonly known to stimulate the development cell and also boosting testosterone levels.

This product also helps to raise the levels of adreno-corticotropic hormones (ACTH) and the adrenaline in your body, reduction of these two hormones are believed to decrease the testosterone levels.


A herb that is normally found in spices like curry. Research has shown that fenugreek increase libido and stabilize testosterone levels. It contains bio-active compounds called saponins and diosgenin which is valuable for production of several sex hormones.


It is needed by over 300 different enzymes it is also involved with a number of processes in the body among them muscle and nerve relaxation. These two processes are important for those aiming to build muscles.

If your nerves are not relaxed they send confusing signals to the body which can cause muscles to over react leading to muscle tension, fatigue, soreness, cramps and spasms. Men with a lot magnesium in the body are shown to have more testosterone.

Vitamin B6

This helps the testosterone levels in your body by stimulating androgen receptors found in your body, thus making your testes produce testosterone. It also suppresses production of estrogen. Ensure increased levels of testosterone.


Benefits of testofuel

  1. It naturally and safely increases testosterone levels in your body, which is also essential for rapid development of muscles. So in no time you will be packing admirable abs.
  2. It increases your muscles size and makes them strong on its own so you do not need other supplements.
  3. It enhances your sexual drive and mood and also makes the experience unbelievable testosterone is furthermore a sex hormone.
  4. Higher testosterone levels also result in increased metabolism thus helping you burn more fat and maintain your impressive physique.
  5. Without testosterone intake of other nutrients is a waste of time and money it helps you save on these.


Drawbacks of overdose

Just like all things too much of anything is not good. Excessive production of testosterone causes;

  • Reduced size of testes that is associated with low sperm count
  • Oily skin prone to acne.
  • Enlargement of breasts.
  • Elevated levels of red blood cells that may cause a heart disease
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Mood swings.


Testofuels contains 120 large capsules in a box. You are supposed to take only four capsules daily. You are to use it for 90 days regularly, Testosterone booster reviews have shown this is the best booster as it is cost effective and convenient.

The large dosage unlike other boosters ensures a consumer sees the result without spending a fortune.


Testofuels is a product that is result oriented it is also safe and natural. It is also not illegal so it can be accessed by everyone. The manufacturers challenge you to take a 90 days test. If it does not work you are guaranteed a full refund. For those looking to build

muscles for whatever reason either to look hot or for athletic reasons it is the product with the best customers’ review.

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